Dr. Kelly Head

Kelly Head Doctor PhotoDr. Kelly Head

Hello, I’m Dr. Kelly!
I’m a naturopathic physician who provides two main services:
(1) I optimize your health so that you feel great in your body today, and
(2) I provide you with the tools you’ll need to prevent disease in the
I give health advice that you can easily implement on a day-to-day
basis. My motto is, “small steps lead to big changes.” It’s well known
that habits take time to change. Taste buds need time to start enjoying
broccoli. Our bodies need time to start craving water instead of soda
pop. When I sit down with a patient, we talk about the details. How can
we get a handful of spinach into your diet a few days per week to start?
Is yoga a good stress reduction option for you? How about meditation?
Have you tried the 10% Happier app on your IPhone? “I can’t sit still
and meditate,” you say. Okay, how about taking walks after dinner? Every
time we meet, it’s a few more small steps in the right direction. To
note, some conditions require more drastic measures, and if so, this
will be explained in the office visit.
Supplements often play an important role in my treatment plan; however,
I try to limit the number of supplements that I recommend you take.
Instead, I focus on realistic and implementable dietary and lifestyle
changes. For example, I may recommend sauna therapy, daily movement and
consumption of good protein sources in order to boost your immune
system. Or I may recommend increasing potassium-rich foods, utilizing
breathing exercises and getting the mercury out of your body to decrease
your blood pressure. Everyone is different and sometimes ongoing
supplementation is the wisest choice – for example, B12 if you are
vegan, or calcium and vitamin D if you are prone to osteoporosis. At
Selah Natural Medicine, we also have access to Biological Medicine
therapies such as far infrared sauna, exercise with oxygen therapy
(EWOT), Lymphstar, Zyto hand scan, acoustical soundbed, amethyst BioMat
and electron footbaths.
All of my patients benefit from having both a medical doctor (M.D. or
D.O.) and myself on their team, as I do not consider myself a primary
care physician. (Please note that many naturopathic doctors do consider
themselves primary care physicians.) Instead of making sure your Tdap
vaccine is up to date, I focus our time on pinpointing what life changes
are going to get you the best health outcomes. I will give you an
example of how this works. Joe is 57 and has high blood pressure. His
primary care physician, who is a medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.), orders
labs and imaging to make sure his blood pressure isn’t due to diseased
kidneys or other pathological states. His M.D. also prescribes him
anti-hypertensive medications, a beta-blocker and a cholesterol-lowering
drug. When Joe and I meet, we focus on dietary and lifestyle changes
such as increasing vegetables in his diet, eliminating sources of
dietary saturated fat, finding a form of daily movement that he enjoys
and reducing his overall stress load. As Joe becomes healthier, his body
will likely require smaller doses of medications. Like Joe’s M.D., I
also can prescribe these medications so Joe is covered during this
transition. Additionally, I can order blood work to make sure Joe
doesn’t have any nutrient deficiencies and I can order further testing
to uncover the high mercury levels in his body that are contributing to
his high blood pressure.
​How did I get into natural medicine, you ask? My chronic cystic acne
was cured by naturopathic medicine in my late 20’s. After struggling
with it for nearly 15 years, I was astounded by finally having clear
skin. I was so inspired, that I became a naturopathic physician so that
I could help others struggling with chronic conditions. I completed my
medical education at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM)
in Portland, Oregon. I also completed a residency at Pearl Natural
Health, where I specialized in Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis,
hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, women’s health, mold toxicity and
reactivated Epstein-barr viral (EBV) infections. For undergraduate
education, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and
cell biology with a minor in cognitive neuroscience from the University
of California, San Diego.
In my free time I really enjoy figuring out innovative ways to sneak
veggies into my (and my patients’) meals, cycling around Portland,
backpacking the West coast (especially Yosemite National Park), and
surfing the Oregon coastline with my partner, Tom, and our Labrador
retriever, Dexter.

Areas of Focus:
Ulcerative Colitis
General fatigue
Blood sugar issues
High blood pressure
Heart disease prevention
Overall detoxification
Recurrent illnesses (colds, flu, EBV)
Immune support
Sleep problems
Mycotoxin (mold) illness

Insurance Plans Accepted:
Pacific Source (Reliant Health)
Blue Cross Blue Shield / Regence

“I visited a few doctors in the past where I felt my complaints were
unheard and dismissed, so just over 6 months ago, I thought I’d give it
one more shot. Dr. Head was very thorough at my first visit, and when my
first labs came back pretty normal, she listened and kept looking until
she found the problem. I have continued to see Dr. Head for treatment,
and she is absolutely wonderful. She’s very compassionate, detailed,
responsive, and clearly explains results and treatment options. I feel
better now than I have in a long time. I would highly recommend Dr. Head
to anyone.”
“I have seen Dr. Head for naturopathic services. She and another doctor
were able to diagnose me with SIBO after many attempts at me trying to
seek help from my PCP. They put me on a treatment plan and I began to
improve significantly. Dr. Head is warm and welcoming and genuinely
seems to care for her patients.”
“I was very sick – 47yo, severe UC. Dr. Kelly Head worked with me on a
weekly basis, inspiring me to radically change my diet helping to get my
disease into remission. This was the first time I have had a doctor take
the time to listen and educate on such a friendly and personal level. I
believe that a part of the successful treatment was the pleasant
experience with Kelly. It feels great to feel better. Thanks Dr. K!!!”
Brian M.
“I came to Dr. Head for help treating an Inflammatory Bowl condition
after seeing  GI doctor for a year or so.  I’d seen improvement from the
meds my GI doctor prescribed but still had symptoms that weren’t being
relieved.  I was very impressed at how quickly the symptoms seemed to
improve once I started seeing Dr. Head.  Its been about six months and
I’m feeling great, better than I have in several years. Dr. Head is
caring, friendly, and supportive.  I’m glad I found her :)”