I was referred to Dr. Chip Halverson at Selah Natural Medicine by my primary care physician in June 2014. I became menopausal in 1991 and was prescribed Premarin by my gynecologist. Around 1996, when I learned how Premarin was made and didn’t want to contribute to the animal abuse, I saw a naturopath and was switched to a compounded hormone replacement. After a year or so, I stopped seeing the naturopath and went back to my gynecologist who agreed to prescribe the same compounded hormone replacement. I have taken hormone replacements since 1991 because of continuing problems with extreme “hot flashes” which always recurred if I tried to stop the medication. I continued to have some minimal problem with hot flashes but they were bearable.

When my gynecologist retired in 2014, I asked my primary care physician if she would take over prescribing the compounded hormone replacement. Because she wasn’t familiar with the product, she recommended that I see Dr. Halverson as, being a naturopathic physician, he would be more familiar with a compounded medication.

I was somewhat surprised when Dr. Halverson recommended a saliva test to see what mix of hormone replacement items I needed. Neither my gynecologist nor the previous naturopath had ever discussed the possibility that any test should be done and, to my knowledge, the prescription had never been changed. The results of the test showed that the “mix” I had been taking wasn’t correct for me. Dr. Halverson recommended a different treatment plan. It took a few months, but I have now been hot-flash-free for approximately 3 months. Our goal is to, over time, completely eliminate medication, if possible.

I have continue to see Dr. Halverson monthly for general health issues and believe that I have benefitted enormously from his treatment and advice. My complexion has improved such that people comment on how nice it is and how I look much younger than my actual age.

DK, 66 year old female


I started seeing Dr. Chip Halverson when he was a medical student at the NCNM Clinic in Portland, Oregon on October 25, 2010 .  I was referred to Dr. Halverson because of his extensive first-hand knowledge of environmental toxins commonly found in public schools and because I had run into too many dead-ends seeking help from conventional medicine. Prior to this referral I was skeptical of naturopathy and considered it as some sort of medical quackery wrapped up in eastern religion.  My experience proved otherwise; it was astoundingly just the opposite.

During my first 90 minute intake appointment, Dr. Halverson’s response was to: 1)  Take the time necessary to complete an extensive intake process – both written and oral, 2) begin educating me about where I stood with my overall health, 3) encourage me to keep working with my allopathic doctor in tandem with his efforts,  4) discern a course of treatment that made sense in order to set out on a pathway of healing, 5) plant the seed of helping me view my health holistically so that I could begin to radically change my lifestyle to one that supports sustainable health habits.

Six weeks after the intake appointment, the inflammation in my body had been so eradicated that when I looked at my own hands and feet, I didn’t even recognize them as my own.  I decided that the 500 mile round trip was worth the results I was seeing, so I committed to making the monthly trek from Bellingham, Washington to Portland, Oregon.

As treatment continued, I no longer needed antibiotics to fight against the constant onslaught of the ravaging effects of the sick building in which I was working. Antibiotics were replaced by a biotheraputic drainage protocol incorporating a regiment of herbal and physical treatments (among other therapies) that enabled my immune system to begin working again.  My whole previous schema of how I thought about health was changing as Dr. Halverson patiently helped me see the connection between spiritual-emotional-lifestyle and biological functioning.  My faith as a Christian was honored and supported when Dr. Halverson encouraged me to keep praying regularly. It was not uncommon to receive regular phone calls between appointments from Dr. Halverson to see how I was responding to treatment – something I’d rarely experienced in conventional medicine.

Nearly nine months after my initial intake appointment, I’ve made significant progress on the path of recovery, and I wonder where I’d be without Dr. Halverson’s insightful, effective and comprehensive care. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, there is hope for you if you are willing to seek the kind of care that Dr. Chip Halverson can provide.


P.A.  48 year old male


I was placed in Dr. Halverson’s care at a time when my health had become debilitating.  After sustaining an industrial chemical exposure I had multiple complexities and I was in crisis.  At the time I was unsure if my health could be restored.  What stood out to me in my initial appointment with Dr. Halverson is that he wasn’t detoured from addressing difficult health issues but instead it seemed to ignite his interest and compassion.

Dr. Halverson took great care to guide me in an approach to healing that I was unfamiliar with.  I felt like I was in competent hands. His commitment to improving his patients’ health involves asking targeted questions, carefully thought threw treatment plans, paying attention to the details, using all his resources and finally educating about the modalities he incorporates.  He takes great pride in his patients.

Aside from the business of health care Dr. Halverson is a personable soul someone you can have a genuine conversation with and wind up having a good laugh.  I appreciated this side of him and it helped take the edge off of the intensity that I was experiencing.  Even though I am still healing I am symptom free and well on my way to a fulfilling life once again.

What you will get from Dr. Halverson is a challenge to re-think how you live and how to heal, experiencing the freedom of health.


L.B.  38 year old female


I met Dr. Halverson at NCNM while we were both students, participating in student clubs on campus, attending school social events, and stopping for conversation in the hallways.  He always wore a welcoming smile, and radiated a calming presence, even if he was rushing off to class,  clinic shift, or a meeting.  When I began regularly seeking care at NCNM Clinic, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Halverson walk in as my primary intern, and eagerly signed up to see him on other shifts to co-manage my case when I needed different doctors.  He demonstrated the same kindness, caring, and concern during the appointment, as he did outside of the clinic.  His genuinely caring nature, and passion to provide a comfortable setting for his patient’s journey to health, will make him an extremely successful Naturopathic Doctor.


S.G. 24 year old female 


We’re not just a number on a file to Dr. Chip. He actually calls to make sure you’re doing well and genuinely cares about how you’re progressing. On a scale of 1 to 10 his bedside manner is a 15.


K.A. 26 year old female